Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lost in the Woods

First, we made the rounds of the bookstores. I bought a used copy of Mari Sandoz’s Old Jules, a novelistic biography of her father and of the frontier community where he settled in western Nebraska ($3). I also found Janet Flanner’s 1926 novel, The Cubical City (50 cents, the Popular Library Lost American Fiction series), about a young woman in NY in the 1920s trying to balance independence with the sexual desire that might trap her. I considered a new novel by Norah Labiner. Coincidentally, two people were talking about how they knew her and hadn't realize her book was out.

After decaf-to-go from a coffeehouse (we waited ten minutes while others got their espresso drinks), we got lost in the woods.

One minute we were reading at a picnic table. I brought my mystery.

The next minute we were admiring the beautiful wild woods.

The next hour or so we were lost.

The map didn’t help. The Driver is an excellent navigator. We have never gotten lost in the woods before. And of all places! In this small, undeveloped woodsy park in my hometown.

Even I couldn’t find my way.

Eventually, after wandering through woods and out onto a highway,I recognized a REALLY undeveloped trail off which I once camped illicitly.

A mile uphill and two bottles of water later, we drove home.


Ellen said...

I see you've been having a good time. We've been trying to enjoy our summer too. I wrote about the Capital Fringe Festival and what's to come still on my blog tonight. My favorite books right now (keeping me going are Phoebe Junior and The Picture in the Carpet).

Is that John from the back? You've never put a picture of him on your blog before that I can recall? He looks very cheerful (that's all I can see ).


Mad Housewife said...

We have had some fun. I still don't know how we got lost in the woods.

I enjoyed reading about the Capital Fringe Festival. You really have so much to do in VA. There is some culture here, but we seem to forget about it in the summer. We went away for our Shakespeare in the park (only it wan'st in a park)!