Thursday, July 10, 2008

Haggard Summer

I'm reading King Solomon’s Mines (1886), an adventure novel by H. Rider Haggard.

Haggard, who lived in Africa for six years, wrote 34 adventure novels. His fans included Robert Louis Stevenson, Kipling and Orwell. The influence of Treasure Island on King Solomon’s Mines is unmistakable and Haggard genially admitted it: both novels center on a treasure map and describe adventurers who attempt to decode it. The characters in King Solomon’s Mines, however, are nobler and more idealistic. Allan Quatermain, KSM's 50-year-old ex-elephand-hunter narrator, Charles Good, and Sir Henry travel n search of ir Henry’s brother, who was last seen traveling in search of the legendary diamonds of King Solomon's Mines. Wwith the help of a map from a dying treasure hunter, the three travel across Afica. The geography--crossing the desert without water and climbing freezing mountains, in which the streams run south to north--is their primary enemy until they reach a Zulu city.

Obviously there is more to follow.

By the way, Haggard's masterpiece, SHE , has three sequels. If you want to read any of Haggard's books online,, they're free at various web sites.. But you can also buy the books in paper and print style....

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