Friday, February 24, 2006

Gaylord No. 10

Few of the books I read are library books. This winter I've read SWANN'S WAY and Dante's INFERNO, books I've had in my collection for years. I buy books at library sales and used bookstores, shopping for books the way other women shop for clothes. I have so many books that, when I vacuum or dust, I get distracted by the fascinating titles on my own shelves.

Let’s see. Would I like to read Rebecca West’s THE RETURN OF THE SOLDIER or Colette’s THE CAT next?

My local librarian doesn’t have a clue what I read. Since I own most of my books, Big Librarian, ha ha, can't turn over accurate records to Big Brother. Although I support my local library, I'm not a regular patron. I impulsively check out new novels, mysteries, and DVDs on my bimonthly visits. The librarian must think I’m addicted to the works of Anita Desai and Ngaio Marsh, though as often as not these books sit on the table undisturbed until I return them unread.

I love the smell of libraries, though--old paper?--and approve the mix of great literature, genre books, biographies, and reference books.

I recently checked out a 1960s mystery from the library. It had a shiny cellophane cover, the kind which crackles when you open the book.

It made me nostalgic. These days my branch library applies practically invisible, noiseless book covers instead of the old-fashioned kind I prefer.

I opened the ‘60s book and read the underside of the book jacket. It reads like a poem:

Gaylord No. 10

For Books 91/2 Inches to 10 Inches


The Trusted Source

Gaylord Bros.

Syracuse, NY

Los Angeles, CA



Insert dust jacket between the liner and the plastic cover.

Slide book jacket to top edge of cover, fold bottom of cover to the height of this jacket and

Replace protected dust jacket on book and attach flaps with tape or adhesive.

Call 1.800.448.6160 to Re-order.

Gaylord is still in business, by the way, 109 years old. Check out their website:

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